Quotes Thank you so much Ray! You have helped me more than you know. Someday I do hope to have reading from you. But for now all I can offer to help you with is to invite my friends and family to connect with you and sign your petition. I hope it all works out for you because I feel you have alot to offer!!! I have posted you petition on my facebook and have comment on how truly amazing you are :-D Love and Light to you and many HUGS! Lea 07.10.2011 Michigan, U.S.A. Quotes
Lea Rae Johnson

Quotes Good Morning, This is a letter of reference for Raymond Ellis. I have worked and trained with Ray for two years. He is a gifted and responsible psychic, whom I am open to referring my overflow of clients to him If you would like to speak with me , please do not hesitate to call. In Spirit, M. W. World Renown Psychic Quotes

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