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Presents...Mediumship Classes

Do you feel you may have psychic or mediumistic abilities? Do you feel you would like to learn how to develop the skills sitting dormant within you, well now is the time, you did not come upon this by accident, take any of these spiritual classes to get started on the spiritual journey of spiritual developement for the soul. We will teach you everything from A to Z, how to use your spiritual gifts for the highest and best good of all, as well as for your own inner spiritual enhancement and further enlightenment.Learn how to be a professional intuitive . Our highly effective classes and programs, are offered by  email only. All instruction is conducted in a professional, spiritual and encouraging manner. There are no limitations with spirit. Allow us to help you take flight and to continue to bloom spiritually. The journey is just a beginning through many veils of existance. Your beginning journey starts now, sign up for any of our Mediumship/ Psychic classes listed below: Contact Ray for further detail now! You will be glad you did!



*Spiritual BandMusic for Soul Enhancement and continued growth

*Why am I attracted to__________? *Find out now

*Mandala spiritual blueprint of your soul.

Each Class costing $55.00 (or) Entire Package of 21 Classes $1025.00

 Connect now for classes by emailing Ray R Ellis or calling him directly:Email: Ray1949@mts.net (0R) Ray1949@mymts.net

Tel: 204-467-8666      Int'l. Callers 001-204-467-8666

 Call Ray Today, To Register. Classes are filling up Quickly!

Besure to Turn On!, Tune In! and Listen to:

Ray Of Light "LIVE" with Ray R. Ellis on BlogTalkRadio. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and onward.....Eastern Time 10:00 PM

Classes currently being offered in our Psychic/Mediumship Program:


*Learn to Read the Akashic Records

*Spiritual Healing

*Learn Easy Meditation sessions

*Different ways of Communicating with Angels

What is Spirit Attachment and what do I do now?

*Learn Earthbound Spirit Rescue work

*Learn how to Do Automatic Writing

*Clairvoyance Program

*Level two Learn to use words wisely

*Breakthrough to AbundanceTrusting your Intuition


*Crystal ball




*Learn how to contact your spirit guides and other loved ones

*Further enhance communication with Home circle techniques

*Level three: Your alchemist Guide / Central U.S.A. Time 9:00 Pm/ Canadian Time/ UK time 3:00 am and so on.



Ray is a Psychic that is in High Demand                                    

When Scheduling a Reading with Ray, Always allow extra time, as Ray is very much in HIGH DEMAND and the waiting time may cause a delay.

Listen to internet radio with Ray R Ellis RAY OF LIGHT on Blog Talk Radio

Email: Ray1949@mts.net       (0R) Ray1949@mymts.net

SUN RAY & GOLDEN RENAISSANCE HEALTH  Together They are  Spiritually Healthy for YOU!

SUN RAY Herbal Profile Readings

As a Spiritualist channeling directly from Spirit, Iam pleased to be  working with GOLDEN RENAISSANCE HEALTH that provide their Healing and Herbal knowledge to helping those individuals
Globally with health related conditions.
Iam Offering the Following Readings:

Scatter Print Energy Reading
Image & Capture Reading
Window ToThe Soul Reading (Eye Reading)
Finger Print Reading
Toe Print Reading
Footprint Reading
Mini Personality Reading
Mini Palm Reading
What Is Aura Color Today Reading
All the above Readings Cost $25.00 each,
and for 15 Minutes.
Special Feature Reading Known As:
*Mandala Color Soul Reading
Cost $45.00
for 30Mins.

To pay, simply go to http://www.paypal.com/ and enter Rays' email address: Ray1949@mts.net

then proceed with your payment as indicated at Paypal.

The Ray R. Ellis Psychic Show

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New for 2012. Ray is now providing Spiritual Guidance as a SPIRITUAL MENTOR for those indiviudals experiencing problems with their *Relationships, *Reconciliations, *Addictions, *Suicidal Desires/Attempts, etc. As a Spiritual Mentor
I do offer Services on Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Guidance & being a
Life Coach for people in need.

A starting donation of $185.00 per Email Response is appreciated. Additional donations greatly accepted.

I have been receiving a number of emails from clients that have had recent
Personal Readings and after a few days send me emails requesting additional
Guidance pertaining to their circumstances, situations, etc. If you are in need of these kinds of services, Please Contact Ray at Ray1949@mts.net or Ray1949@mymts.net  Also Besure to Listen to Ray on BloqTalkRadio, Every Friday Night at 11:30p.m. Local Time. Get out your Mp3 Players and/or IPods a

Come and Explore His  PSYCHIC JOURNEY

Additional Services:

Palm Readings $180.00ea.

Pet Readings 30minutes only $65.00ea.

Mediumship Readings $135.00 for 30Mins.

Reading Personal Auras 20Mins. $80.00

Specific Questions $45.00 Each (or) 3 for $125.00

Payments Accepted:

All payments can be made through Paypal.com and of course, all Major Credit Cards Are Acceptable. This is best option for all Customers within the U.S.A.


Interac e-money transfers are acceptable, provided you have an Online Banking Account within Canada. Also, you may choose to use Paypal.com

The choice is yours!

New Services for 2012 Rays' Psychic Insights

Exclusive Service for 2012. Be the first to experience Rays' Psychic Insights.

*Psychic Insights" are forms of Guidance and Messages received directly

by Ray from "Spirit". These forms of Guidance and Messages can provide you with clarity and direction on your path of life.

They are available to you, Weekly for $55.00ea.

                                       Monthly     $200.00 (4 Insights)

Special Recognition To A Special Friend

Mr. Wagner M. Prado, Brazil. The Flower You Planted, is now Starting to Bloom!

The Music playing on this website says so very much.

Thank You, We Shall Be Together Forever.

Ray R. Ellis better known as *RAY OF LIGHT* 

A Natural Born *Psychic Medium, *Clairvoyant,

*Intuitive Visionary, *Tarot Reader, *Healer

Ray's Gift
Ray is very spiritual and channels messages directly from Spirit. He realizes that all of us are God's children. Yes, he does bring to you a part of the other side of the veil and loved ones that has passed. He honors his personal gift from God with intense sincerity and can be relied upon to tell you in a very direct way the true messages and information he is receiving and will not sugar coat anything. He believes most strongly and will always remind you that your soul is forever and most glorious and precious to your well being and to God.

Always but always the Holy Spirit works through Ray by his wonderful gift as given to him by God to emanate God's love, Beauty, Grace, statue and blessings. From which we all benefit daily within the degrees of Peace, Love and Harmony that enhance our lives.

Ray is a natural born Psychic Medium and has been working for a number of years. He is recommended by a World Renown Psychic and clients, he has many testimonials to his psychic services. He is very proficient in his intuitive abilities as a Intuitive Visionary. In addition to being a Psychic Medium, he is also Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, Distance Healer and works in Psychometry and Graphology. For a complete listing of all Ray's Psychic Services please refer to his Services/Fee Schedule within this website.

Why have a reading, a question that is asked by many people everyday. Ray has a very direct answer to this. Everybody has a path of life and a purpose for it. Why not find out if you are following it. Because you may have some obstacles along the way. Pleasant or unpleasant events happening in the future. Check out health warnings or concerns, of course Always see your physician. Find out information about your loved ones those present or have passed on.

The most asked question of all to Ray is, "Are telephone Psychic Readings and related services just as effective as in Person. The answer is ABSOLUTELY. Because energy levels and voice vibrations have no limitations when pertaining to distance and/or locations. Ray does not need a physical presence of you at all to conduct a telephone reading.

Ray covers many aspects of your life during his Personal Reading for you, (if requested) such as Career, Family, Finance, Health, Relationships, Romance, Spiritual progression, etc. Ray always suggests to his clients, that in order to get the most from a reading, that you write out your questions prior to speaking with him.

Exact timing of events or happenings that may take place in your life, is always difficult because individual energies are constantly per second and events in one's chart are not always under your control. Because many times other people can be involved and situations around them can be time changing. However, Ray always does his best to be as accurate as possible for what information and visions he is receiving and seeing.

Ray has no desire at all to control your life, You are totally in charge of your own life and should always use and rely upon common sense and good judgment and the facts that may be available to you to make plans for your life's path or journey through this physical plane (this world).

Consider a psychic reading similar to a road map. You are simply asking for and getting answers (directions) for your journey or life path ahead. But in any event, you will be making such a trip by yourself and will be required to deal with and resolve the difficulties that you may encounter along the way. But at least you will have some guidance and greater sense of direction in advance, if you seek and schedule a personal reading prior to your departure.

Ray is a very positive and upbeat individual, with high energy and an over flowing personality that is a pleasure to hear and listen to. He does not believe at all in the darker side of life nor in the negative evil forces that some pseudo-psychics who tell people about such evil demons or problems caused by curses, etc. Forget about the negative occurrences happening in your life and concentrate only on the positive and the power of the Light to guide your life into true and complete focus for what it shall be.




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